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We suggest the readers to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions provided on the website. By opening the website, you are agreeing with the provided terms and conditions. In case, if you disagree with any of the provided terms than kindly do not use the website.

License Policy

License provided on the website for materials is for your personal use only, therefore it cannot be send to anyone else without on paper consent from the company.

By all means, do not share the provided material with a third person.

Any kind of public exposure of the material or it being used as a publishing material on some other online platform or electronic medium is violation, unless the company allows you to do so.

Company forbids its user from deleting the copyright or trademark notations from its products that are given to them.

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If company’s license policies are violated, than it holds complete authority to cancel the license instantly. If termination occurs than you are restricted from accessing any of the material provided on the website.

Refund Policy

The services offered at Britishdissertationhelp.co.uk are non-refundable. However, in these cases, you are eligible to get your money back with a cut.

Services that are provided at Britishdissertationhelp.co.uk will not be refunded. But if the case happens to be one of two mentioned below than you can get a cut of the investment back.

  • If the order is cancelled before processing, or before the professionals begin working on it. In such case only service fee is charged, while the remaining amount is transferred back to the customer’s account.
  • In case our professional start working on your assignment, you can apply for refund by cancellation. You will be charged with an amount equal to the quantity of work finished, while in addition to that services charges will also be charged for.

You can not avail refund in case:

  • If the professionals are already half done with working on the project.
  • If there is postponement from your end.
  • If you are not satisfied with quality of work provided. (Although you can apply for revisions in this case)
  • If you have not applied for revisions on an order that has already been delivered.

Before providing the refunds, our team will analyze the work. After which they will give out a verdict that would be undisputable.

Privacy Policy

All the information regarding the customer is kept in complete security and its confidentiality is prioritized. By no means is the data sold to any third party. Although we might use the contact information to send promotional offers to the customers. While you can unsubscribe to those emails.