Is there a method methodology for literary research?

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Is there a method methodology for literary research?

Are you writing your dissertation for the first time? Are you confused and do not know which method you should use for conducting your research or which methodology you should use for literary research? If that is the case then you are in the right place!

In this article, we will tell you about research methodology and which methods you should use to research your dissertation. Read this blog and learn to write an important chapter of your dissertation because without it you won’t be able to complete your paper. So, let’s begin and learn something interesting and beneficial. Wait!!! We have good news for you. If you don’t have time to conduct your research or don’t know how to write a dissertation methodology chapter, then you can avail of our dissertation methodology service and can complete your dissertation without any stress.

Methodology for Literary Research

There are multiple methods of conducting research on your selected topic and area, but before coming on this directly, let’s have a look at some basics.  

What is Research Methodology?

Research Methodology is the method by which you systematically conduct your research problem and gather data and information. You use different methods to collect information on your research topic, the previous work done on the project up till now. Then you do a proper analysis of the collected data in various ways and conclude the collected data.

In research, there are two main types of fundamental approaches that you can use to conduct your research. The two primary methods are as follows;

1. Quantitative

A quantitative method is a research approach for mostly those who are conducting any scientific research. In this method, you collect data in the form of numbers. For example, in this method, surveys, questionnaires, and interviews are used as the tools to carry out the quantitative research tool. Thus, if you need some kind of statistics or want to conduct some research through some experiments then this method is the best for you.

2. Qualitative

Qualitative is another popular approach for conducting literary research. In this method, you carry out the research in the form of a description. The data is gathered from the descriptive sources and the output or the collected data is also in the form of description. The sources or tools that are used in this approach are articles, journals, research papers, reports, books, and other descriptive material. The literature review gathered by this approach is always in the descriptive form.

3. Mixed Form

The third way by which you can carry your research work is by using both methods; qualitative and quantitative. This method is called the mixed methods in which you use both the methods to collect data and information. The mixed form will help you in gathering data and information in both descriptive and in numbers form. Thus, you can use surveys, interviews, questionnaires, books, articles, and other materials by which you receive data.

These were the three ways by which you can easily conduct your literary research. Using these three ways you can easily gather data and can incorporate it into the literature review. Now let’s have a look at how you can write a methodology chapter in your dissertation.

Introduce your methods

Firstly, you should introduce the methods which you have used to conduct literary research. Clearly explain the method you have used either qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods for investigating your research problem. 

Build Connection

Secondly, you need to establish the connection between the research problem and the method you used. You should show relevance with the research of your methodological approach. The connection between your research problem and your approach should be very clear.  

Introduce the tools

Once you have built a logical connection between the approach and the method, you should state the tools you have used. For example, if you have taken interviews or did surveys on a specific audience, clearly mention it over here. Clearly, state how was the data collected and how it was gathered.

Discuss Your Analysis

The very next thing on the list is to do a discussion on the gathered data. You should deeply analyze the data you collected. The analysis will depend on the data collected. If you have used a qualitative approach then it will be descriptive analysis or if you have used quantitative then it should be statistical analysis or both for mixed methods.

Sampling Process

Discuss the sampling process you have used. For example, if you have used any statistic formula or have used Matlab software, describe them properly. Build relevance and connection between the sampling method you used and how you carried it out.

Include Research Limitations

Lastly, you should add the limitations or challenges that limited your research. You can describe what sort of hindrances you faced and what their impact on your research was. These the few methods or approaches which you can use to conduct your literary research. Follow the above guidelines and do your research with full confidence. If still, you face problems then you can avail of our dissertation methodology service and can get done with your dissertation easily. Do not wait and try yourself first!

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