How do you write a methodology?

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How do you write a methodology?

Stuck with your dissertation we assume? Or do you just need some good dissertation methodology services UK to help you out? But, before you do that, take a look at this blog by British Dissertation Help. We have compiled a few tips for you to effectively write your methodology section! So, before you invest in an online service for methodology help, read out this blog!

Introduce Your Topic First

The foremost thing to do while writing any step of the research as a whole is to introduce the topic. Thus, you can automatically assume that the first step while writing a methodology is to introduce the topic. You should start your methodology section by stating the problem of your research. A little gist of what your research is about to let the audience know. The key here is to not overshare, only mention the brief outline of what the audience should expect from your research. This will support you in further justifying why you choose a certain methodological approach.

Introduce Your Methodological Approach

Once you have given a brief insight into your research topic, now is the time to disclose your methodological approach. Primarily, there are two approaches; qualitative and quantitative. The approach you choose is directly connected with your research topic. This is exactly why we advised you to briefly introduce your topic in the beginning. Qualitative research is the one where you are solely concerned about the results being numeric and statistics. On the other hand, a quantitative one is more about words, emotions, and meanings. Your research question and purpose are what are going to decide your methodological approach.

Justify Your Choice

Once you have picked out a research approach, you have to justify it as well. You need to tell your audience why the approach that you have chosen is the right one. This can be justified only when you clearly describe your research purpose. For instance, your research topic is to find out how many people in the UK have access to clean water. For this, you will obviously opt for qualitative research because you are concerned about the statistics. You want to find out what ratio or percentage is actually getting clear water. This is how you should justify why you have chosen a particular methodological approach.

Discuss The Data Collection Method

Your data collection method solely depends upon the type of research that you are conducting. Different research approaches have different data collection methods. For instance, when it comes to qualitative research, you have tools like interviews and focus groups. However, with quantitative research, you have surveys, experiments, and so on. But, you have to explain why you are using a certain tool in detail. Because, if you are using a survey questionnaire or even an interview, you have to attach the question paper at the end. This will help the reader know the type of questions that you asked in your survey.

Discuss Your Analysis

After mentioning the tools, you also have to introduce your audience. This is because your results analysis depends on it. For instance, let’s consider the same research question that we mentioned above: how many people in the UK have access to clean water? For this research, the only people who are credible enough to qualify for participation are the residents of the UK. Since the research question targets a particular geography i.e. UK, only related people can take part in the surveys. Only then can you get authentic results, otherwise there is no use in conducting research. Once you have extracted your results, analyze them and truthfully mention them in your analysis.

Use A Sample

Another way of finding out whether you are on the right track while writing a methodology is to follow a guideline. You can easily download templates for our methodology on the internet. You can also look for sample research papers and get some guidelines/inspiration from them. However, while searching for a sample be sure to always look for works that are published. Published works have the highest authenticity therefore you can always count on them. In addition to this, you can also ask your instructor to provide you with a sample report that fits your expectations.

Get Expert Help

Lastly, there are thousands of online academic help services that assist you in writing your research papers. If you are facing any difficulty with your writing process, you can ask them to help you out. These experts have this job to make sure that you smoothly get done with all steps of a research paper. So, if you find yourself stuck in the methodology section and need some guidelines, you can ask. There are hundreds if not thousands of online academic help platforms that you can contact when in any academic trouble. They can help you proficiently write your methodology section.

But, not every academic service that you find on the internet is reliable enough. The internet is also loaded with scammers who just need money and don’t care about your academics at all. However, we know a platform that genuinely cares about your academics and provides the best dissertation methodology services in the UK! If you haven’t guessed already, British Dissertation Help is the name! You can contact us for any of your dissertation-related queries, and we will help you out for sure!

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