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Does My Book Need Editing?

Shall we be frank over her for a moment? There is no human way possible that you can catch every error in your manuscript or whatever writing sample that you have come up with for publishing. There is only one person that can do this job for you and that a professional editor. So, our advice to you as a Book Marketing Services agency is that you hire one if you are really serious about giving publishing a shot.

We congratulate you if you have or are nearing the completion of your book writing. It was indeed a very hard thing to achieve and you have made it to this point through your hard work and your persistence. But, we cannot let all this go to waste. Now, can we? So, what would be our next step in line? The more important thing to focus on for us now is that we need to find you a good professional editor for your editing.

Why Is Editing Important?

Every author in the world faces this and goes through the dilemma if they should get their book edited or not. But, guess what? Every successful author has done it for ages now. Although, it is an issue faced by all the newbies as well as New York Times Best Selling authors, a perfectly edited book is the only thing that will take a newbie writer to a New York Times Best Selling one.

When a professional editor edits your book, they make sure that there is not any loophole in the punctuations, grammar, or any other technical aspect of the book. If we put it any simpler, we would say that a professional editor makes a book publishable. Writers sit back and take a break to brag about finishing their write-up but, what they often forget is that if they do not get that manuscript edited, it would be as good as nothing for their publishing careers.

Does My Book Need Editing?

The answer to this simple question is a loud and clear YES! We know that as a writer, some people consider themselves to be the best out there when it comes to the grammatical stuff and everything but let us shine this upon you:

“An editor is a person who knows more about writing than writers do but who has escaped the terrible desire to write.” — E.B. White

So, what does this statement tell you?

No matter what anyone has ever told you, the best option is always professional editing. When someone sends a manuscript to an editing service, the first question they ask is, “Have you had it edited?”

We urge you, as authors, even if you do not have a lot of money set aside for their book and cannot afford to edit, try to print fewer copies but, utilize the money to hire a professional editor. That is how critical it is. In short, you can definitely afford to sell lesser copies but, you can never afford the ones with mistakes.

Moreover, a book with poor editing will quickly turn off potential readers. If your book is full of grammatical errors, structural flaws, or spelling issues, it won’t stand a chance against professionally edited novels. A lot of new authors ignore the crucial step of editing their manuscripts. The reason is that they believe using an internet service like Grammarly will improve their novel. Sure, it might catch a few grammatical errors that other spell checkers miss, but please we urge you not to expect any miracles as there is nothing that beats a human mind.

What Happens When You Do Not Edit Your Book?

Before we jump into discussing the consequences of not editing your books, let’s take a look at this honest confession by an experienced editor:

“I work as a professional book editor for big publishing houses, and I can assure you that I have yet to get a manuscript to edit that was publishable in its current state. There isn’t a single one. My job these days is to make novels publishable, and that’s it. I am of the opinion that the only person who can produce a publishable book without the help of an editor is someone who works as a professional editor full-time.” – S. Marshall.

Now, what do you think happens when you do not edit your books? They get printed and the readers discover all the typos that the editors were supposed to pick out. That is the worst thing that can happen to a writer. A writer invests in printing the book but they become useless due to the typos and mistakes.


In a nutshell, many authors are ignorant of the various types of book editing. Because it is difficult to establish clear distinctions between them, even editors cannot agree on exactly what each category entails. The definition can change with each editing job and is only finalized in the author or publisher’s brief to the editor which is a detailed outline of exactly what the author or publisher expects from the editor.

The required editing services can range from simple typo correction to suggesting word count reductions or changes to story structure, plot, and characters. Would it not be better that you get your manuscripts edited beforehand? Go through your manuscripts over and over again so that you catch any mistake that there might be. But, do not just stop at that. Contact any Book Marketing Services agency to get the help of professional book editors so that the masterpiece that you have so diligently worked on becomes fruitful and reaches the readers out and about.

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