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6 Best Online Data Analytics Courses

Data analytics is witnessing massive significance for the last few years. Though it is not a new concept, one of the dissertation data analysis states it is definitely a surging one. People are enrolling in such courses since the 19th century. The prominence however has emerged not a long time ago. The notable difference is, that there were not a lot of physical classes available for this domain. Today, now this problem is solved as well. Many popular platforms and universities worldwide are now offering online courses for data analytics. Therefore, the discipline has become more prominent across countries.

If you are also interested to enroll yourself in an online data analytics course, this is the right article you are reading. Below we will tell you about the ten best online data analytics courses that experts recommend. All of them are recognized in the industry and are taught by industry experts. Eager to know about them? We will also tell you how you can register for them.

1. The IBM Introduction to Data Analytics Course by Coursera

Evident from the name this brought course is by Coursera. It is introductory learning for the newbies in the field of data analytics. The cost of the course is $39 USD per month and is 11 hours long. The course is not tough and IS just about the cores of the field with a gentle introduction. Through this course, you can get a grip on the roles and responsibilities of data analysts with knowledge about the tools they take benefit from.

If you are interested to learn about data mining, this course won’t bore you. It gives sound information about data mining as well. The students who have already taken this course are now au fait with the jobs of a data analyst. They know the career paths they can opt for.

To enter this course, there are no prerequisites. However, good math skills are a plus for you. To enroll, check out the Coursera website and you are good to go.

2. Data Analytics Bootcamp by Thinkful

The price for this course by thinkful is a bit high but definitely worth every spending. It is $170 but has probably the shortest span of course time. I.e. 5.5 hours only. For this course as well no prerequisites are required. Since the course is very short there is no flexibility either and you have to complete the course on time.

By this course, you can learn ways to collect data, analyze them and present insight about them. The curriculum makes you familiar with the general data value in daily decision-making. However, due to the very short time, the course is not detailed. We believe one cannot adopt all the cores in just 5.5 hours.

3. Online Data Science Bootcamp by BrainStation

Another worthy Bootcamp for data analytics course is by BrainStation. However, this is expensive but definitely worth every penny. The course unlike the above two is 12 weeks long and has flexible hours for its candidates. Also, since the spending time is high, it just not only teach you about the basics. It also helps you understand the most fruitful techniques used by data analysts.

You can learn a number of things from this course such as regression techniques, ML algorithms, etc. the tools you get grip on via this course are R. python, tableau. With these tools, you can easily work on creating a portfolio with the help of real-world data. This can notably higher your career prospect.

4. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by UMich – Coursera

If interested in the applied side of data analysis, this course is your right pick. The University of Michigan not very long ago brought a master’s degree in data science. Now is the time for these certification courses. The curriculum of this program includes a solid debut into usually employed data science python libraries such as pandas, networkx, matplotlib, nltk, and familiarize you with how to employ them on real data.

It gives you a sound knowledge of how you can use and evaluate machine learning algorithms in python. However, doesn’t take into account statistics that one needs for data science and the derivations of ML algorithms. For that, it’s better for you to learn first about the statistical concept or be knowledgeable with R.

5. Best Overall: Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity

For this course, you have a prerequisite of first having a certification of the basics at least. Why? Because in this course, you learn about working on a chaotic datasheet. The program is four months long and perfect for you if you want to learn python-based data analysis. However, as said earlier basic knowledge of python and SQL is a need.

This course of Udacity is a choice of many as it is thorough and one of its own kind. You get to learn about the skills and tools that you acquire to build your career in this field. The program offers one-to-one communications and personalized teacher feedback.  The course, however, is not easy as the above ones. If you have knowledge of python and SQL, it won’t be that difficult either. In the end, it will give you a strong grasp of the fundamentals and complexes of data analytics.

6. Data Analyst with R by DataCamp

You need no prerequisites for this course as it can give you knowledge from scratch. The course includes practical exercises to help you have a strong grip and is also not very difficult to follow. There are 19 analytics courses and each of them requires four out of your twenty-four hours. The tracks are chosen by industry experts and guarantee you expertise in manipulating and analyzing data using R. in the end.


You can enroll in all these courses online via submitting your application or filling out the given form present on the website. It is not necessary to enroll in all these tracks but you can definitely choose as many as you want to. According to a dissertation data analysis, the sounder you will acquire this skill, the better the data analyst job you will lend. So, worry not and start learning. Today, you have all the reasons to learn this skill. Don’t let it all go in wane.

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