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What is the difference between research paper and publication?

Dear high school students, are you having a tough time making peace with the changing academic standards? We totally understand that research papers, articles, journals, publications… the names themselves are too daunting. Most students spend half of their academic lives searching for reliable research paper publication services to get some guidelines. However, not all of [...]

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What are the 5 rules for writing a literature review?

Like every other student, we are sure that you must be suffering from dissertation stress. The process of dissertation writing is an extremely complicated and tiring one. To make the process even more daunting, there are several minor components that require a lot of attention. A dissertation literature review is one of them. Keeping this [...]

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How do you write a methodology?

Stuck with your dissertation we assume? Or do you just need some good dissertation methodology services UK to help you out? But, before you do that, take a look at this blog by British Dissertation Help. We have compiled a few tips for you to effectively write your methodology section! So, before you invest in [...]

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